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Case study

Branding a website for Peakston

Branding a website for the unique Peakston was, without a doubt, a gift. Discover how they soared to new heights with our captivating website makeover!


Peakston, a leading Hungarian-owned building material manufacturer, faced several challenges regarding its online presence and branding strategy.

The pain points were evident, as was the need for branding a website for them

Outdated website
The existing website lacked modern design elements, user-friendly navigation, and engaging content. It failed to reflect the company's innovative approach and extensive product range.
Limited brand visibility
Despite being a prominent player in the Hungarian market, Peakston struggled to establish a strong online brand presence. This hindered its ability to attract new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones.
Ineffective communication
The website did not effectively communicate Peakston’s unique value proposition, core values, and commitment to quality. This resulted in a lack of clarity regarding the company's offerings and differentiation from competitors.


To address these challenges and elevate Peakston’s online branding efforts, we implemented a comprehensive website branding strategy focused on the following:

Revamped website design

Our team of experienced designers created a visually stunning and intuitive website that showcased Peakston's products, projects, and corporate values. The new design incorporated modern aesthetics, responsive layouts, and clear calls-to-action to enhance user engagement and drive conversions.

Enhanced user experience (UX)

We prioritized user experience (UX) optimization by streamlining navigation, improving site speed, and implementing interactive features such as product configurators and project galleries. This ensured that visitors could easily find relevant information and engage with Peakston's offerings.

Integrated branding elements

We integrated Peakston's brand identity, including logo, colors, and messaging, consistently across all website pages and touchpoints. This cohesive branding approach strengthened brand recognition and fostered a sense of trust and familiarity among visitors.


The end results of branding a website for them speak volumes:

Positive feedback

Peakston received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, partners, and industry stakeholders regarding the improved website design, user experience, and overall quality. Many cited the website as a valuable resource for inspiration in their building projects.

Strengthened brand perception

The revamped website played a crucial role in enhancing Peakston's brand perception and positioning in the market. It conveyed a sense of professionalism, reliability, and innovation, aligning with the company's overarching business objectives.

Improved user engagement

The average time spent on the website increased, indicating improved user engagement and interest in the content and offerings presented.

Increased website traffic

Following the launch of the revamped website, Peakston experienced a significant increase in website traffic, with a notable uptick in both new and returning visitors.

Enhanced conversion rates

The new website design and streamlined user experience contributed to higher conversion rates.
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In conclusion, our strategy of branding a website for Peakston successfully addressed the company's challenges and positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive building materials industry. By leveraging strategic insights, creative design, and compelling content, we helped Peakston establish a strong online brand presence that resonated with its target audience and propelled its business forward.
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