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How it works? The WordPress Platform Guide

Wondering how a custom website with prepared content can be set up in just 24 hours? Explore our guide and learn about our infinite, scalable WordPress platform! 
step 1

Deploying your ultimate WordPress platform

Firstly, we establish the foundation for your digital presence by deploying a tailored WordPress Platform infrastructure, meticulously fine-tuned to match your specific needs. Our system, moreover, brims with an array of features such as case study, ebook, news, podcast, webinar publishing, and a PDF Document builder, to name just a few. Crucially, we polish all these components from UX/UI, accessibility, SEO, security, and technical perspectives to absolute perfection. Above all, we safeguard consistent standards, elevated features, and superior performance throughout the platform.
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step 2

Tailoring the design to your brand's CI guidelines

Moving forward to step two, we infuse vibrancy into your brand for the digital world. Throughout our journey, we've learned that simplicity and consistency reign supreme in user interface design. Based on these insights, we've crafted a platform that's straightforward yet incredibly potent, and accessible on all devices. Still, every aspect remains highly customizable from centralized pages, assuring site-wide uniformity. Notably, we design keeping your corporate identity guidelines at forefront, ensuring each element aligns with your brand to offer a unified and captivating user experience.
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step 3

Calling OXIA AI for efficient content preparation

Moving on to step three, we tap into the power of our bespoke AI tool - OXIA AI - to craft and generate all your critical website content. This trailblazing method boosts efficiency and guarantees top-tier, focused content that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, OXIA AI remains at your beck and call, flawlessly integrated into your WordPress. We have painstakingly devised numerous pages indispensable for any tech startup such as the 'about us' page, 'contact' page, 'service' page, home page variations, all overflowing with personalized and SEO-friendly content.
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step 4

Kick-starting your website to begin content creation

In step four, the focus shifts to you. Equipped with your new WordPress Platform, you're ready to kick-start the generation of fresh content. Our platform surpasses being merely a tool; it is a complete service customized to suit your needs. From hosting and maintenance to plugin updates and backups, we have everything handled so you can zero in on what truly matters - your work.
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step 5

Personalizing your interface & design experience to perfection

This unique feature is integral to our Pro and Enterprise packages, furnished with sophisticated tools and services to amplify your online footprint and provide an unmatched user experience. Even if you initially chose our swift 24-hour deployment under the Light package, be confident that we provide thorough customization or total rebranding at any later stage to accommodate your progressing business necessities.
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