crea|space is a Hungary based digital agency, provides nice and modern solutions, for a reliable price. We strongly believe, that everything is possible, and it only depends on how strong you try. We have experience in this, and we put our hearts in our work. This is our Universe.


How do we work?

We do care

We do not finish when your website is done. We strongly recommend our monthly maintenance solution, that covers updates, backups, and support as well. 90% of our Clients asks for further development in 6 months, after their websites are done. We are about to make you Guys happy with us!

We are Passionate

This is our work, and we know how to do it. We put our heart in every little piece of the things we create, and care with them, like with a little baby child of us.

We are fast

We finish a *Website in 3 weeks. It is not magic, we are just experienced enough. Being fast is also a must-have, when we host a website. Our super-fast servers are running the latest, fastest, and most secure packages. We know what Google PageSpeed is, and why it is so important to fine-tune a website.

We offer fulness

Since we would like to provide the best for our Clients, we offer a complete solution from choosing the right domain, Corporate Identity and Functional Specifications, until hosting and maintaining the system.

We are Mindful

And we also support a Mindfulness startup, called Let it Slow.

We are Modern and Safe

We use the most-modern open source internet technologies. We take updates, and security seriously. Data of our Clients is sensitive, and we strongly take care of it. We monitor, and back up everything.


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