1. Modern, mobile-friendly design: Creating a sleek, responsive design ensured optimal usability across various devices, important for engaging a tech audience and boosting mobile SEO.

  2. GDPR compliance features: We integrated GDPR-compliant functionalities to ensure user data protection, adhering to privacy regulations while maintaining the site’s interactive capabilities.

  3. Dynamic animations: Adding engaging animations enhanced the site’s visual appeal, implemented in a way to not hinder the site’s performance.

  4. Speed optimization for high content volume: To manage the heavy content load, we used advanced caching, image optimization, and code streamlining, resulting in exceptionally fast page loads, crucial for both user experience and SEO.

  5. Customizable CMS: The WordPress CMS was tailored to allow easy content updates by the MOSTLY AI team, facilitating ongoing content refreshment, vital for SEO and audience engagement.

  6. SEO-driven framework: We incorporated SEO best practices from site architecture to on-page optimization, boosting the site’s search engine rankings and widening audience reach.