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Case study

How to improve user experience in data visualization?

A visual showcase to raise awareness among people

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe is Europe’s leading NGO coalition fighting climate change. With over 185 member organisations active in 38 European countries, representing over 1.700 NGOs and more than 40 million citizens, CAN Europe promotes sustainable climate, energy, and development policies throughout Europe.


In the 21st century, climate change represents a very urgent and serious threat. CAN Europe wanted to show the world the importance of it by providing shocking numbers about the coal industry.
We had to accomplish this task in a way, which grabs people's attention, and makes them think and act about it.


We dreamed up an unusual, interactive Web Application, which displayed all the related information through presentation slides in a compelling way. The main element of the app was a map, that appeared in the whole presentation as a canvas. We used this canvas to 'paint' every bit of expressive and eye-catchy information on it.


Client was able to upload and update all their data via backend, had control over POIs on the map with data such as GPS coordinates, pop-up contents, etc. Uploaded data was transformed into an interactive presentation with beautiful SVG animations.

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