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Antora WordPress Documentation

Integrate your technical product documentation into your WordPress website flawlessly.

Antora is one of the most powerful tool to provide documentation for your professional product. Use our Antora WordPress Documentation solution to bridge it to your WordPress website with ease. Enjoy the customized search engine and automatic updates. A 100% SEO friendly, no iframe solution.

What is Antora?

Antora Is The Leading Technical Writing Platform.
It is a multi-repository documentation site generator for tech writers who love writing in AsciiDoc. It is the perfect choice for generating documentation for professional products.
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“If you need to create and maintain technical documentation, Antora, while still young, is the solution with the lowest barrier to entry, the most straightforward file structure, and the most flexible and well-designed underlying file format.”

How does Antora WordPress Documentation work?

In general Antora generates a static website that can be hosted in a subfolder on your main domain, or a subdomain. Antora WordPress Documentation is a 100% SEO friendly solution is about to integrate this into your WordPress website, with proper URLs, without iframes.

Automatic updates

Deploy a new version of your documentation, and see the changes instantly on your website. No additional code or hacking. 

Customized Search Engine

A real time AJAX search helps your customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

100% SEO friendly

A 100% SEO friendly, no-iframe solution with proper linkable and shareable URLs. Automatic sitemap generation and integration.

Version management

Manage multiple versions in Antora, and publish them all on your website too. 

Rating system

Receive feedback from your customers, and tailor your pages to get out the maximum of your documentation.

An automated, SEO friendly solution

Antora WordPress Documentation is fully automated, handles multiple versions and 100% SEO friendly. Feel free to contact us to get information about the possibilities of integration into your system.
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Check it with your own eyes in action

Do you want to see how Antora WordPress Documentation looks in action? Check out our demo site that is fully functional. 
View demo
Antora WordPress Documentation in action

Do you need help to integrate your tech documentation?

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