Agile Methodology is a way of managing projects, especially in software development, that's like building a puzzle in small pieces instead of trying to do the whole thing at once. Instead of making a detailed plan at the beginning and sticking to it no matter what, Agile encourages teams to work in short bursts, called 'iterations' or 'sprints.' In each sprint, the team picks a small part of the project to focus on, finishes it, and then checks to see if they're heading in the right direction. It's like taking a long journey and stopping regularly to make sure you're still on the right path. This approach allows teams to adjust more easily if things change or if they learn something new along the way. Agile is all about flexibility, teamwork, and delivering useful parts of the project to the customer quickly and regularly. This way, teams can be more responsive to customer needs and make changes more easily, leading to better end results with fewer headaches.