A design guideline is like a helpful map for creating things that look good and work well. Imagine you're building a house or making a cool poster. Design guidelines are friendly tips that guide you on how to arrange things, pick colors, and make everything easy to use.

They're similar to corporate identity (CI) guidelines, but they're specifically a set of rules that help you make decisions about how things should look and feel. Picture it as a recipe for success in making your creation both attractive and functional.

A design guideline covers everything from choosing the right colors that go well together, making sure text is easy to read, and arranging elements in a way that makes sense. It's like having a buddy whisper in your ear, "Hey, maybe this would look better here, and let's make sure people can understand and use it easily."

By following a design guideline, you're making sure your creation not only catches the eye but also makes sense to the people interacting with it. It's like having a secret code for making awesome things that everyone will love!

Image showing a design guideline with color code and typography