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Definition of Genocide

Genocide is the systematic and deliberate extermination, in whole or in part, of a specific ethnic, racial, or religious group.

What is Genocide?

Genocide is a really serious and terrible thing that happens when one group of people tries to wipe out another group of people just because of who they are. It's not just about fighting or disagreeing; it's about one group of people wanting to completely destroy another group because of their race, religion, nationality, or culture.

Imagine if one group of people decided they didn't like another group simply because they were different. Instead of trying to understand or get along, they deliberately hurt, kill, or remove members of that group. They might attack their homes, schools, or places where they live. This is what genocide is all about—it's an extreme form of discrimination and violence aimed at wiping out a whole group of people.

The word "genocide" itself comes from combining two words: "genos," which means "race" or "tribe," and "cide," which means "killing." So, genocide literally means killing a whole race or group of people.

It's crucial to remember that genocide is one of the most horrifying things humans can do to each other. It's a violation of basic human rights and a crime against humanity. That's why it's so important for people everywhere to work together to prevent genocide and promote peace and understanding among all people, regardless of our differences.