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Get to know the importance of a fast, reliable, user friendly webpage

According to estimates by Amazon, only a one-second delay in webpage loading can result in over $1.6 billion in lost revenues annually.

What makes your website healthy?

A good website is fast, user friendly and looks gorgeous on all devices. Besides the technical requirements, it needs to have a well built content structure based on the pre-built SEO guidelines. There's no leaning back when you launch your site. Continuous care is required to keep it healthy.
Want to Know the Secret to a Thriving Business? Check Out the Importance of a Healthy Website!
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“Site speed is key to ecommerce success. It directly influences your conversion rates, repeat business, and search engine rankings. And with recent changes to Google Search ranking, a fast load speed for your website is even more important as a competitive edge.”
– Shopify

Their websites are healthy

These websites are designed, developed and maintained by us. Check them out to see how they perform on a page speed test.

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Let's check your business website

Now that you see the impact of page speed on websites in general, and some good examples too, it's time to talk about the website of your business.

On your right you see a quick, independent report of your business website. Click the 'Measure now' button to get your live report.

What are the impacts of a slow business website?

1 Website Traffic loss and bad performance on campaigns

A slow loading website is frustrating for all users, regardless of their device – be it a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. 80% of users will never return to a website if it's loading slow.

This means loss of traffic, lower user engagement and conversion, resulting in poor sales and weaker brand reputation. To sum it all up: you lose money.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. campaigns are also pretty much related to your page speed. You pay much more for an unhealthy website, because it converts less traffic. Yeah, it's heavy.

2 Drop in Search Engine Ranking

Slow websites are usually not listed on the first page by search engines and have lower chances of being clicked on by users

Search Engine ranking is a critical factor for generating high traffic to your business website. Popular search engines like Google do not favor slow-performing websites. Hence, they give better rankings to sites with excellent loading speeds. The higher your website is, the more user clicks and traffic you have.

3 Poor Customer Experience

Scientific reports show that the average attention span of humans has reduced to 8 seconds during the last decade. This means visitors to your website will lose their interest in this time frame.

Poor customer experience can lead to negative reviews or referrals of existing users that could deter new users from engaging with your business.
For an eCommerce retailer, slow website speeds translate to more shopping cart abandonment and...

4 High Bounce Rates

This happens when a user visits a website and leaves it without performing any activity.

A high bounce rate is recorded when the majority of visitors leave the website after opening it and not clicking on any webpage element including CTAs, links, or menu items.

Slow website loading is among the most common reasons for high bounce rates, which also reduce overall engagement and result in lower conversions and sales.
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The impact of a slow loading website

According to studies a website loading time of 1.7 seconds is faster than 75% of all websites in the world. A website loading in 5 seconds is above 25% of all websites. 

Just a 1 or 2 second delay can immediately and deeply affect customer engagement and revenues. 

An Amazon estimate shows that a one-second delay in webpage loading can result in over $1.6 billion revenue loss annually.

Based on Google stats, 0,5 second is the optimal loading time.

Good news! There are so many opportunities to evolve

We provide a complete solution that covers everything around the launch of the new website of your business. We also host and maintain the websites we made, that means a continuous love and care from us.
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