We at CREA SPACE are working hard to give the maximum to our customers. However a lot depends on our experience and methodology, our tech stack is key factor in our process as well. We always build, learn and discover new technologies and opportunities. This is how we ended up at AWS, couple of months ago. This was a game changer at our company.

With AWS Lightsail, we have successfully scaled up, and derived our infrastructure, that resulted in a much higher performance in our client's software. The 3 months free Lightsail plans give us the flexibility in development and deployment.

In the meantime we have started discovering the possibilities of AWS, and discovered their Amazon Activate Program. We decided to fire everything up quickly, and applied for their program in Founders category.

Today in the morning, we received their response about our successful application. In the following 2 years, we will continue working and learning hard to get out the most of this situation. We strongly believe this can help us reaching new heights at our company, that we can convert into the satisfaction of our customers.