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What is Search engine ranking?

What is search engine ranking? See the internet as a vast library with an endless supply of books. Think of a search engine as the librarian whose job it is to help you find the most relevant books when you ask a question. When you type something into a search engine, like Google, it goes through its digital library and tries to present you with the most useful and trustworthy information. Search engine ranking is like the librarian's way of organizing the books on the shelves. Every webpage on the internet is like a book, and search engines need to decide which books are the most relevant and helpful for your query. Their "ranking" determines the order in which these pages appear in your search results.

Now, how does the librarian (search engine) decide the order? Well, it considers a variety of factors. One crucial factor is the content of the book (webpage). If a book contains information that directly relates to what you're looking for, the search engine is more likely to place it at the front of the shelf (higher in the search results). Another important factor is the popularity of the book. If many people have found a particular book useful and recommended it, the librarian might think it's a great resource and put it closer to the top (search engine ranking in action). Similarly, if other reputable books (websites) in the library refer to this book, it gains more credibility. Search engine ranking is an ongoing process because the librarian keeps updating the shelves as new books are added to the library.