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What is Web application firewall (WAF)?

A web application firewall (WAF) is a unique and specialized type of firewall designed specifically for protecting web applications. While traditional firewalls act like general guards for your entire network, a WAF focuses on the entry points called "web applications." These can be things like login pages, forms, or search bars. The WAF stands at these virtual doors and windows, watching for any suspicious characters trying to sneak in.

Now, cyberattackers can be sneaky, like burglars trying to pick a lock. The WAF is super smart; it knows the usual tricks these online baddies use and stops them in their tracks. It checks all the incoming internet traffic, looking for signs of trouble.

If someone is trying to hack into your website, the WAF acts like a superhero shield, blocking their attacks and keeping your website safe. It's like having a powerful guardian that fights off the bad guys so you can enjoy a worry-free online experience.

In simple terms, a web application firewall is your website's defender, making sure only the good stuff gets through and keeping the bad stuff out.